Hamid's Farm

Hamid's Farm

Lets talk Farm animal kids birthday parties! I love a good farm themed birthday party, but are they all outdone? all over used? To be honest, I am not sure they can be as they seem - maybe timeless but more enjoyable in any generation.

I think the more we learn about parties, events and the more we grow in this world, the classic themes will just evolve more and more but stay present in our choices for party ideas. What are your thoughts on that?

Hamid's Farm was so fun to create with the wonderful @colourfultreasures - This event all put together by a very organised mother who contacted us separately and ultimately I messaged Colourful Treasures to reach out about something about her Design Brief that the client had sent me originally. Let's just say I think things took a great turn and the whole colour scheme had been discussed and changed. This farm party went from your traditional fire engine reds, royal blues and big red barn to a more natural take back on the colour scheme with a baby blue barn (whole barn is custom built by Colourfultreasures) that was massive. Look, I don't know exact measurements but it was well over 2 metres/ maybe 3 metres wide, came in multiple pieces and all put together on site, you wouldn't be able to tell with how neat it is right? 

With that design 360, a whole new design had to be created to be on theme with this new design brief which I loved so much as it was something different. This now meant we were messaging back and forth about this theme, with my designs checking in if she thinks that it will flow with what she is creating on the day. This collaboration between vendors I think is so important and should be more welcomed all across the board, why? because you create magic together!

The actual tables and chairs for this event were hired, and were totally on theme with the day. 

We went with an activity placemat, water, flat cutlery holder, wooden cutlery, crayons, snack plate and the mini boxes in sand. 

The mini 3D party boxes were all filled with on theme goodies including halal lollies, farm keychain, mini playdoh and mini bubbles - all personalised with the same theme. I unfortunately forgot to take photos of those items. 

The mini 3D party boxes we chose in White Sand to bring that neutral aspect to the tables which really worked. 
Covered in layered items of trees, cow, horse and grass with a little chicken stuck on top and of course a dupe of the baby blue barn!

Activity placemats - I love them! Why? It gives something for the kids to do, something for them to look at and keep them in their seats even if it is for 10 minutes. On theme, custom created for the event topped with a five star snack plate and on theme custom crayon box containing 4 crayons. 

With the theme, I didnt want to just put the same thing all over the place like you see most parties everything is repeated non-stop. We have a horse, cow, sheep and chicken spread all over the event and through the boxed party items as well. 

Set up was great as I had the chance to play around with the items and find what suited best - leaving the stress of the mother, which is fabulous! When the cake was ready to come out I was shocked! It is amazing! I have included a close up photo below of it.

What do you think of this farm party? Want this party for your child? Why not!

Table styling and set up by @fromkasia

Soft Play @partyhousebycaatco

Balloon Styling / Backdrops @colourfultreasures

Cake @sweet_creations

All professional photography done by @_.callmekat

Venue: Mortdale Community Centre

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Call Me Kat Photography

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